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Shin Guards

Hockey shin guards have a simple yet vital purpose. Of all the body parts, your shins are probably the most likely target of sticks, pucks and skates. Without shin pads, you wouldn’t last very long in a hockey game. It would only take one shot or chop with a stick across the knees to convince you that proper leg protection is pretty important. It’s important to make sure that your shin guards are neither too long nor too short. If they’re too long, your skates will push them up and your knee caps will not be centered in the knee cap cup of the shin guards, which is uncomfortable and likely to cause your pads to shift around leaving the sides of your knees exposed. If your shin guards are too short, the bottom of your shins and top of your ankles will be left exposed to errant hockey pucks, hockey sticks and skates.

Check out our shin guard sizing guide to assist you in getting the right fit!

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