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Backpack Bags

Hockey equipment backpack bags are a great alternative to traditional hockey equipment carry bags. Backpack bags cause less strain on your shoulders because the weight is evenly balanced on both shoulders. Backpack bags are a more convenient way to carry hockey equipment around compared to the traditional one-strap hockey bags. The dual-strap backpack bags evenly distribute the weight of the gear between both shoulders rather than one, making them more comfortable and easier to get through narrow doorways. Some backpack bags also come with wheels so that you have the option of pulling the bag rather than carrying it on your back. It’s also much easier to fit through doorways and avoid running into people with a backpack bag than with a traditional hockey carry bag, which hangs out to the side of your body on one shoulder.

Get your hockey backpack or equipment backpack bag from one of the many great brands we carry, such as CCM, Tron, Alkali, and Tour.

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