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Referee Equipment

Even though referees aren’t actually holding a stick and making plays during a hockey game, there’s so much fast-paced action in hockey that a referee can often get into fairly dangerous situations just like the players do. Referee equipment for proper protection and attire is a must for every hockey referee, whether you’re reffing house league games or at the college and minor league level. Fortunately, referees don’t have quite as many pieces of equipment to purchase as players do. Hockey referee’s equipment includes shin guards, pants, girdle, jersey and hockey skates. Some referees also choose to wear hockey elbow pads in case they happen to fall down on the ice and want some extra padding to break their fall.

In addition to the protective equipment that referees require, they also need a whistle with a lanyard or finger attachment and orange or red arm bands to wear on their jersey. Some referees also wear suspenders to help keep their pants and girdle secured around their waist. And you’ll also need a referee bag to to easily carry all of your equipment to and from the rink. Each of these accessories will help keep you well equipped and prepared every time you’re reffing a hockey game.

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