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About Us

FortyFour7Hockey was established in 2016 by players just like you in Columbus OH.  Adam Barnett, co-owner,  started his hockey years playing in Philadelphia. In 2006, Adam moved to Columbus, OH and became united with Thomas Townsend (co-owner). They played together in both ice and inline hockey leagues sporting their hockey numbers, 44 by Adam and 7 by Thomas.  This is where FortyFour7Hockey starts! Serving both the United States and Canadian markets, our primary focus is ensuring that you not only can find the product you want at the right price, but that your entire experience is nothing but 100% satisfactory. We strive in providing excellent customer service to our clients and working with them in any way we can. We have extensive knowledge of the marketplace and what interests the players. Here at FortyFour7Hockey, our entire staff are not only hockey fans, we play the sport and understand the wants and needs of ice and inline hockey equipment.

For more information about FortyFour7Hockey, or if you have questions, comments, or just want to drop us a note, you can find our contact information here.